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Andrew Goldstein: Steering Tally Entertainment to Consecutive Best of Florida Wins

The Drive of a Visionary: Rise to Prominence

Best of Florida Team
Tally Entertainment Best of Florida

Andrew Goldstein- Tally Entertainment Owner
Andrew Goldstein

In the vibrant landscape of Florida's entertainment industry, Tally Entertainment emerges as a beacon of innovation and excellence. At the helm of this award-winning company is Andrew Goldstein, a visionary leader whose unique blend of creativity and business acumen has propelled Tally Entertainment to unprecedented heights. Winning the Best of Florida award for the second consecutive year is a testament to Goldstein's leadership and the company's commitment to excellence.

The Journey of a Leader

Andrew Goldstein's journey in the entertainment industry began with humble roots in Connecticut, where he was first introduced to the world of event management through his mother's business, Amazing Celebrations. His early exposure to the industry's dynamics fueled his passion for event management, leading him to significant roles, including a pivotal position at Big Top Manufacturing, where he contributed to a staggering 34% growth in a year.

Goldstein's philosophy, "Innovation rooted in tradition," has been the guiding principle behind his approach, blending cutting-edge technology with traditional entertainment values. His studies at the University of Hartford saw the inception of his entrepreneurial spirit, significantly contributing to the success of the Tipsy Girl brand in Connecticut.

Tally Entertainment: A Synonym for Excellence

Under Goldstein's leadership, Tally Entertainment has become a household name in Florida's entertainment scene. Offering a wide array of services, including event rentals, videography, photography, and innovative photo booth rentals, the company has carved a niche for itself. Known for handling high-profile events and clients, Tally Entertainment is synonymous with quality and memorable experiences.

Consecutive Accolades: A Symbol of Unmatched Excellence

The crowning glory of Tally Entertainment's achievements under Goldstein's leadership has been its consecutive wins at the prestigious Best of Florida Awards. These awards, celebrating innovation, exceptional customer service, and significant industry contributions, have not only bolstered the company's stature but have also been instrumental in its expansion into central Florida, cementing its status as an industry vanguard.

The Best of Florida Awards, recognizing innovation, customer service, and industry contribution, have honored Tally Entertainment for two consecutive years. This accolade has not only increased the company's business inquiries and interest from high-profile clients but has also catalyzed its expansion into the South Florida market, further solidifying our position as an industry leaders.

Future Horizons

Looking forward, Andrew Goldstein's strategic vision for Tally Entertainment is expansive and forward-thinking. The company is poised to delve into the realm of digital entertainment services and extend its reach beyond the confines of Florida. Plans for state-wide franchising and incorporating cutting-edge technological advancements into its services are already in motion, signaling an exhilarating chapter in the company's history.


The accolades for Andrew Goldstein's leadership style and vision are echoed in the testimonials of clients and employees. A long-time client remarks, "Andrew's foresight in market trends and his adaptability are unmatched." An employee shares, "Working under Andrew is a journey in inspiration. He fosters innovation and values each team member's contribution."


Andrew Goldstein's journey with Tally Entertainment is a remarkable story of vision, innovation, and relentless pursuit of excellence. As Tally Entertainment continues to grow and evolve under his leadership, it stands as a shining example of what innovative event management in Florida can achieve.

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