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Playa Bowls' Exciting New Franchise Location in Tallahassee

The exterior of the new Playa Bowls location in Tallahassee
Playa Bowls Tallahassee

Playa Bowls Comes to Tallahassee

Good news for the health-conscious food lovers of Tallahassee, Florida! The popular East Coast superfood café, Playa Bowls, has now opened a new franchise location in our city, ready to deliver an invigorating blend of taste and nutrition right to your tables. Our team had the pleasure being on scene to capture this grand opening.

Playa Bowls New Tallahassee Location

Established as the brainchild of surfers who wanted to bring the delicious and nutritious acai and pitaya bowls they experienced during their travels to their home, Playa Bowls has now become a beacon for health enthusiasts, providing a variety of power-packed, plant-based bowls that are as delectable as they are beneficial for your health.

The interior of the new Playa Bowls location in Tallahassee
Playa Bowl Tallahassee

A New Health Food Brand Comes to Tallahassee

This new Playa Bowls location in Tallahassee, nestled at 699 W Gaines St, is ready to serve you seven days a week, from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Whether you're seeking a quick, healthy lunch or a refreshing post-workout meal, our delicious range of acai, pitaya, coconut bowls and more are waiting for you.

Go Get a Bowl!
Tallahassee Florida welcomes Playa Bowls
Playa Bowls Tallahassee Florida

The arrival of Playa Bowls in Tallahassee is a testament to the brand's commitment to bring healthful and delicious food options to more people across the country. Whether you're a health enthusiast, a fan of tasty food, or simply someone looking for new dining experiences, the new Playa Bowls location in Tallahassee is definitely worth a visit. So, #GoBowlsDeep and welcome to Tallahassee Playa Bowls!


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