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Pandemic Safety and Video Shoots

Updated: May 5, 2021

There's no denying that the Covid-19 crisis is proving challenges for brands across all fronts. Creating new, original content in a safe way has never been more important. As an agency who didn't stop shooting throughout the pandemic, we wanted to share a few tips.

How To Shoot Safely In A Pandemic

Tally Entertainment was one of the first agencies to shoot during the first lockdown in the Tallahassee. With a combined 12 years of directing experience, our team never thought that we would be reshaping entire productions to fit a pandemic, but here we are. We thought it would be fair for us to share with the community our process for shooting during high-risk peaks in the pandemic. Ultimately the much of the film industry hasn’t stopped during this time, so here are a few notes to keep cases low, and creativity high.

  1. Embrace The Challenges. It’s essential that when conjuring the story that you ask yourself ‘is this safe? We aim high with our ideas, but sometimes being restricted brings out the best in us creatively. This helps us realize ideas that are achievable but thoughtful in keeping up safety precautions, and showcasing that during this uncertain time. We focused more on ‘camera magic’ and suspension of disbelief than large set or extras led scenes during this time.

  2. Pre testing. We recommend pre testing for Covid for as many people as possible at least 24 hours before the shoot. This will not only help contain the spread, but really help you avoid any liability issues. Not to mention help set you apart, and show that you actually care about your community.

  3. Clever scheduling. When shooting a project, EVERYONE on your team must be Covid tested. By having staggered call times, we can stagger testing. The crew is always called first so they can start to light the first scene, then the cast (if applicable).

  4. Keep it clean. Masks and disinfectant are no brainers, but keeping people in small groups in separate rooms with separate monitors allows for constant social distancing and a more focused experience, communicating over walkie-talkies from monitor to monitor and room to room.

  5. Keep it fresh. Finally, we recommend having an outside space for people to enjoy lunch in a more comfortable atmosphere. By using an portable tent or some other kind of cover you can keep people protected from inclement weather.

These are just a few tips and points we've work from since Covid hit. There is a lot to consider when shooting safely in a C

Covid environment, but after a year of shooting under these precautions, we are confident in our advice.


If you have any questions or need help with anything with your agency or have a production-based inquiry, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are all in this together!


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