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Aiming High With Corporate Video

Updated: May 5, 2021

Those who do not rely on a company video today have lost. That is why today we would like to go into more detail about the corporate film and explain its advantages, important elements and steps to successfully market the business.

If you are still wondering why video content is important at all, then take a quick look at the following statistics:

For us this means, in summary, who renounces corporate films, renounces conversions and ultimately does not deliver to the customer what they want.

Reason enough to make video content an integral part of the internal and external communication strategy.

What exactly is a corporate film?

The aim of a corporate film is to present the company more decisively. To provide an overview without selling a specific product. For example, it can specifically explain the mission, company values ​​or history in order to provide insights into the corporate culture and thereby create trust, credibility and transparency.

A corporate film can be created for different occasions. Training or recruiting process, to remember and showcase events, customer acquisition, as part of a presentation , at a conference, directly on the website, or for social media channels.

A corporate true professional film has the following strengths:

  • Entertainment factor: Companies do not have much time today to send out able body team members to arouse the interest of the target group. If they do, then there already spending too much sending those individuals out. This is where videos come in. Videos make it possible to arouse attention and display relevant information by combining sound and moving images without being perceived as intrusive advertising.

  • Shares on social media: On social media channels , video content achieves 1200% higher shares than static content. This enables you to build an active community, achieve greater reach, and thus increase brand awareness.

  • SEO Boost: Video content increases the length of time each user stays on the webpage. A longer length of stay and a lower bounce rate have a positive effect on SEO marketing, so that Google rewards you with a higher ranking and thus a higher range.

  • Employer branding: The younger generation in particular is placing more and more emphasis on corporate culture, values ​​and the extent to which they can identify with the company. In order to find qualified talent, every company has to represent itself as an attractive employer. A well-made company video will support you and provide insights into the company in an original way and thus set you apart from the competition.

In short, the corporate film is an extremely important tool to get in touch with the respective target group, regardless of the industry, to build a bond and to put the company in the right light with the help of a convincing story .

A Successful Corporate Video - What To Look For?

A few snapshots, a little music, maybe a few subtitles and that's all right? That can hardly go well! Because a corporate film is not just a corporate film. The aim is not to create any “crap content”, but a conscious and effective video strategy that pursues a specific goal.

Do we want to create brand awareness? Enhance the image? Present a specific service or the entire corporate culture? And who is the customer?

It is best to develop a buyer persona who represents the ideal customer.

The target and target group analysis also helps to announce the sound of the video. A pinch of humor or even irony? Formal language or loose keywords? Speaker's voice? All this should be taken into account at the start and be in harmony with one another.

Think sales funnel: Awareness Stage, Consideration and Decision.

  • Awareness : Here we want to get the users' attention. In doing so, the audience must be aware that they need a solution to a specific problem. The aim is to increase brand awareness with the help of video content, to increase website traffic, to win potential new customers and to guide the users into the further sales funnel. Educational, inspiring and “how-to” videos are particularly suitable.

  • Consideration : We are now in the middle part of the sales funnel. Here the user is aware of their problem and evaluates various options. The aim is to convert website visitors into leads, as well as to inform them about the product/service and the company by addressing the key interests of the customers.

  • Decision : In the last part, it is your job to close the deal. The viewers are aware that you are the right solution to the problem at hand.

Until it has been clarified who the corporate film is aimed at, it does not make sense to create video content on the run of luck. If you are lucky, fairy tales work, but in the business world only the strategically thinking sharks survive.


In the meantime, even 13-year-old Youtubers have managed to create a high-resolution recording with exciting effects. What does the audience say when the company suddenly tries to convince of the company's values ​​in a shaky smartphone video? Even if the majority of the target group does not hold a degree from the New York Film Academy, they will be able to distinguish a professional video from an amateur experiment.

A first-class produced corporate film in which the cut, sound and resolution are absolutely “on point” is essential. You should therefore keep an eye on the

Production Value: Yes working with a professional video agency can be more expensive, but it generates far greater added value and effectively puts the company in the spotlight. Poor quality, on the other hand, damages the brand.

Authenticity and storytelling

Avoid intrusive advertising films or the classic image film in which the CEO in a tie and suit stands stiffly in front of the camera and raves about his own corporate culture. Something like that doesn't attract any glances. Something like that doesn't arouse interest, sorry boss. Nobody wants to see something like that anymore. What we really need is

Authentic Creative Content

On the one hand, a coherent plot in which the viewer is taken on a visual journey through storytelling should always be the basis for an effective corporate film.

Stories create an emotional bond and can be better memorized in long-term memory.

A convincing corporate film helps set the company apart from the competition and is a very promising marketing tool, especially in these times of great diversity.

If you want to see positive results, a well-designed concept is absolutely essential.


Based on various framework conditions such as. Depending on the technology, the available budget and the expertise, it is also important to clarify whether you want to produce the company video yourself or hire a professional agency .

A convincing corporate film can provide the company with decisive added value in the long term - and by then at the latest, the investment has definitely paid off.


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