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Why Video Is So Important for Businesses In 2021

Why is video a powerful tool for businesses? Well, ask yourself: Would you rather read a long text about a product, service, or business, or watch a video?

Would you personally even have the time for long text?

If not, then how can you expect your audience to?

It’s easy to find the common denominator here and agree that the majority of us tend to sway more towards visual content.

Videos allow us to build an emotional bond with the audience through narrative and visual storytelling. At the same time, allow us to illustrate more information in a shorter time, and in a more appealing manner.

If we want to get a little scientific here, we can say that the “multi-sensory approach” with the help of images, colors and sound, our brain processes video content more easily than text-based content. Thus, storing it better in long-term memory.

Videos also spread faster on social media than static images and text-based information. Viewers interact with videos and share them within the community so that you can generally achieve higher reach and ultimately higher conversions. At the same time, Google favors websites with video content and thus enables a higher ranking.

For those who love numbers, here is a brief overview:

So, in short, videos make a positive contribution to the purchase decision, enable a detailed target group to be addressed, increase the reach and make you Google's best friend. Sounds good? But be careful, it's not that easy after all. To create positive feedback, there are a few key points you need to pay attention to in your product video.

The production - important elements

The right quality

Video can only deliver decisive added value if the production is professionally executed. An excellently prepared script, high-quality equipment, creatively laid out narrative, are the basis for a successful video. But also, visual effects, combined with the right music and the right colors, are in harmony with the brand's identity. The brand and the corporate image are essential to leave a positive impression, with the right people. Anyone can pick up their phone and create a nice video. The question is are you a phone video brand or a professional quality brand?

Specific target group approach

Instead of addressing all sorts of people in the world with the video, you should rather specialize in a certain target group that can benefit from your product or service. As with the entire business strategy, it makes sense to develop a persona who represents the ideal customer. This enables you to specifically highlight the so-called “pain points” of the target group in the video and thus to stage the product/service as the ideal solution.


All videos are based on an important basic formula: narrative/stories. Only those who tell stories can build an emotional bond between brand and audience. Affective commitment motivates the user to take irrational actions and thus serves as fuel for long-term brand loyalty.

The video should not tell any story, but the story of the customer through whom the product/service leads. The production must create an “aha effect” at the end of the story. Ideally, the video should also be shot at a customer's “point of interest”.

Precise and clear statement

Too much information is overwhelming. Especially in this age of overstimulation. Therefore, make sure that the video doesn't tell too much “around”, but rather focuses on a clear message within a maximum of 120 seconds that can be understood quickly even without specialist knowledge or words. You should also avoid a misleading title in the thumbnail: Although you can often achieve higher initial clicks, these usually lead to extreme abandonment rates and dissatisfied viewers, which ultimately damage the company's reputation.


Does the video load quickly? Is it mobile-friendly? Does it have good resolution? Maybe helpful subtitles too? Is it optimized for different social platforms? You should think carefully about these questions in advance in order to make the video as user-friendly as possible and to share it on social media without any problems.

A professional agency should already have this covered. But if you’re a startup or a phone video kind of company please copy and paste that into a word doc for future reference.

Call to Action

Encourage the viewer to take further action. Is there an e-mail list that interested parties can subscribe to? receive product/service updates during a pre-launch? Should the viewer stop by a specific landing page? Or directly order in the online shop? A call to action enables valuable leads to be generated even before the actual video launch.

The SEO optimization

Google and Video Content are good friends. Very good friends too. But this friendship should not be taken for granted, it needs a little support on your part. The video should be optimized for the search engine. Keywords, alt tags, description, and links - all of this should not be missing in order to achieve the highest possible ranking.

Follow the above steps - this will give you a basic recipe for a great video.

Conclusion: Video is the best tool in your content arsenal

There is no question that the combination of moving images, music, sound, and creative story is a powerful way to win the audience's favor. Video content is better remembered and makes it possible to pack information into a visual story that will be better stored in consumer’s minds. Even if there are always new marketing trends, evolving formats, etc. videos are timeless and will continue to play an important role in the future. So, be sure when you leave your lasting digital imprint you do so in the highest affordable quality with experienced professionals.

Become immortal with Tally Entertainment!

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