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Big Benefits In Customer Testimonial Video

Among all the content that you can display on your various communication channels, the customer testimonial video is essential. Both easy to consult for Internet users and fun, it offers real possibilities for generating new leads and increasing turnover. Find out here what are the direct benefits of a customer testimonial video and how to make it successful.

What is a customer testimonial video?

A customer story video is a customer/use case where you expose all the benefits through the words and images of your satisfied customers. It must be direct and not exceed 3 minutes in order to retain the attention of Internet users.

The client is always filmed in his work environment. It explains how your solution, product or service allows them it to meet their personal or business needs. The video can also be embellished with cutaways to illustrate the field of activity and precisely locate the context. This also promotes greater identification for Internet users/consumers.

The benefits of a customer story video

In addition to the advantage of having dynamic content on your website and social networks, a video customer testimonial also brings direct and indirect benefits for:

  • SEO

Whether it's on your site, or on platforms like YouTube and social networks, videos are a real SEO magnet. They can appear directly on the results page and, more broadly, show search engine spiders that you have great content to offer. A better place in the ranking follows.

  • Greater knowledge of your solution

The services and solutions offered by companies can sometimes be quite vague for newbies. In B2B, whether it is digital transformation services, customer relationship tools, or any other business application, a video presentation makes it possible to raise a number of questions. People speaking face the same challenges and can thus clarify or show the real benefits of a solution.

  • Brand image and notoriety

Following good SEO of your customer testimonial video, you will also increase your brand image and the notoriety of your company. Thus, according to Harvard Business Review, 84% of decision-makers start their search for providers with a recommendation. Hence the importance of video content to prove the effectiveness of your product or services.

  • Authenticity and trust

A customer who wants to talk about your solution in front of the camera has good reasons to do so, but the most important thing is to show their satisfaction. If she/he wasn't, they certainly wouldn't agree to appear on a video. This promotes in the person who watches this content a real match between their needs and those of the person who speaks from experience with your business.

Some tips for successful testimonials

Choosing the right speaker

A customer story video must be clear and impactful. For this, it is essential to choose a personality who will be able to express him or herself in front of a camera. Likewise, even if they have prepared answers in advance, their speech should not seem to be recited by rote. It would break the rhythm and undermine your intention to be authentic.

Prepare specific questions about the benefits of a product or service

Bring the questions upstream to the company that will testify in your video so that they can prepare for them and ask you if necessary. Of course, you don't have to prompt her with the right answers, but this video has to be positive anyway. We must therefore focus on the performance of the product, that of support, etc. For example, if a setback occurred for reasons beyond anyone's control, needless to say, it took three months instead of two. On the contrary, it will be necessary to rely on the agility of the company.

Highlight the benefits

Here again, it is important to focus on the real benefits of the solution on a daily basis. It is even the main subject of the video. This must first indicate what the problems are at the company, then how your product or service was able to respond and mend or make easier these issues.

Favor short formats

As we said in the introduction, short customer testimonial video formats are more likely to be seen in full. DO NOT hesitate to cut at the right time during the editing.

Ideas for a B2B customer testimonial

1 - Presentation of the client company 2 - Business issues that they faced previously, before your solution 3 - Why they turned to you 4 - What your solution brought them 5 - Conclusion in the form of a thank you

Here at Tally Entertainment LLC, we produce unique customer testimonial videos for you! Delivering a one-of-a-kind unique professional production, that directs attention to your business, product, service. Want to talk about a video project idea.

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