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Why Video Marketing Is Important for Your Tallahassee Business

What Makes a Great Video for Marketing?

With so many companies fighting to be heard online, video marketing is the ultimate equalizer in content marketing. We’re all inundated with countless digital messages every day—but we all have the same attention span of around eight seconds when it comes to viewing them. If you want your company to stand out from the crowd, then taking advantage of video marketing on social media, in email marketing campaigns, and on your website can give you an edge over competitors who are still relying on other forms of content.

Video marketing can change your content strategy

Tallahassee has a population of about 191,000 people, which means there are going to be many local businesses vying for attention. If you want to rise above your competition, then you need to find a way to get noticed. In today’s digital world, video marketing is one of your best options.

Three tips that can help you create engaging content with video

1. Optimize your videos for mobile-viewing

2. Apply Google Analytics and social media monitoring to your video strategy

3. Be patient with organic reach on YouTube, don’t rush to buy ads.

Different types of video marketing you can do

There are numerous ways to go about video marketing. You can create a commercial and run it on television, you can create an advertisement and run it online, or you can create informational videos that help your target audience grow and expand.

Tallahassee businesses have likely found success with all three types of video marketing, but perhaps none as effective as video content creation for websites. The reason for its effectiveness is twofold: it’s easier to optimize for search engines, and it’s more enjoyable than watching a commercial or an advertisement. In fact, because viewers are in control of when they view your content and what they watch (advertisements), many businesses find that their organic views skyrocket once they put up video content online.

Video marketing statistics

Did you know that video marketing has a 70 percent greater click-through rate than other forms of content? 85 percent of consumers say they’re more likely to buy from brands that produce video content.

In today’s internet climate, more and more businesses are beginning to realize just how powerful video marketing can be. As such, it has become increasingly important for marketers to find new ways to leverage video effectively.

One way is by thinking small—like with micro-video. As opposed to one long-form piece (think: Top 10 Secrets for Managing Stress in 3 Minutes!), micro-video encourages shorter durations and makes it easier for your audience to swallow all at once.


The way we consume content is changing with more and more people taking advantage of mobile devices. Marketers need to shift their focus to video in order to make their content accessible to all their customers and clients in Tallahassee, Florida, and across the country. If you want to level your playing field and still be heard above other marketing materials, consider testing out a video-based approach today. Get started with...


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