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Google predicts the top video marketing trends of 2022

Google has released their predictions of the top video marketing trends of 2022, and it’s not surprising that many of them have to do with artificial intelligence. This follows Google’s recent development of AI technology which allows users to easily make animated GIFs from YouTube videos. While this technology isn’t available just yet, it might be in the near future. With so much AI in video marketing on the horizon, marketers will want to make sure they’re keeping up with Google’s predictions and staying on top of new video marketing trends so they don’t get left behind.

Google predicts these will be the top video trends of 2022

Social Promotional Videos (SMV) will generate 57% more traffic to websites (the second largest source of referral traffic after organic). Videos watched on social platforms by human curators will generate 3.5X more in ad revenue than videos watched on platforms by algorithms. Popular uploaders who are actively sharing their own duplicate content with their fan base on their other channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter while they're watching a YouTube clip will increase average view duration and reduce skippage rates. Interactive Video Campaigns, which encourage viewers to take action while they're watching your videos, increases click-through rate by nearly 60% over traditional banner ads in right rail space.

According to Google, this is top searched video topics

  • #1 How to tie a necktie

  • #2 how to change a tire

  • #3 funny pranks on your friends

  • #4 what does it mean when your leg itches?

  • #5 but why did that man in black kill my parents?

Google explains these searches should come as no surprise as people have more questions now than ever before. There are even more questions since many popular celebrities who used to answer questions on talk shows, for example, have all died or retired from active life. Although there still is no substitute for talking directly with someone who has relevant experience and knowledge, video allows users to hear how-to information as opposed to reading instructions. Which, let's face it very few of us enjoy.

Why Google says video is key

Video is expected to account for 80% of global internet traffic by 2022, more than any other format, reported Google. By 2019, YouTube reports that mobile video views will make up over 90% of all its watch time, while Facebook says they will soon be at 75%. What’s more, 70% of marketers are planning to invest in digital video in 2017. Video is growing so rapidly because it serves people. Studies show that a significant majority (over 90%) of people surveyed said they preferred watching videos on their phones rather than listening to podcasts or reading text-based content on a screen.

Video marketing is hot right now and will continue to grow because it not only serves audiences but also produces results that businesses can’t ignore.

Googles position on video marketing

As time spent watching videos online continues to rise, it’s an increasingly great opportunity for brands to establish themselves and reach their target audience. But, with 3 billion YouTube views each day, how will you stand out? To get a sense of where things are headed in the world of video marketing, Google Trends analyzed searches containing video and compared them to previous years—showing big changes expected in terms of content type, and budget size.

3 Reasons Google Says Why Video Works Better Than Ever Before

Video has already surpassed written content in terms of consumer engagement. What does Google have to say about that? That it’s only going to get better for marketers and businesses alike. In fact, research shows that by 2022 THIS YEAR!! 80% of all internet traffic will be video content. As if we didn’t already know how much consumers crave videos these days! But it takes more than just talk to create a solid video marketing strategy. It takes both in-depth marketing knowledge paired with high-quality stand-out video productions, compacted into 30-90 seconds. Something we happen to excel in, so what are you waiting for!? Let's get your custom video production rolling


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