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What's the Importance of Video Marketing in 2022?

Video marketing has taken off in recent years and it’s no surprise why: A whopping 94% of consumers say they have watched an explainer video to learn more about a company, product or service within the last six months. So what’s the importance of video marketing in 2022? It’s safe to say that video marketing will be even more important because it provides information, entertainment and inspiration all rolled into one while getting the consumer involved through interactivity.

Video proves to be the best marketing strategy

Research says that 93% of people trust and feel more positive about a brand or business after watching a video. Video is also proven to increase website traffic by 80%. Although creating videos might seem like it’s only for brands that can afford it, there are ways you to can have a cost-effective professional video for your business. The most important thing is realizing how powerful video marketing will be in 2022 and beyond...and planning ahead!

Video marketing trends

As video becomes more ingrained in daily life—through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media platforms—its influence on e-commerce can only grow. As it stands now, 75 percent of marketers have used video for their companies or clients; by 2022, over 90 percent of businesses will be using video as a marketing tool. With many small businesses and large companies alike taking advantage of video to advertise their products and boost sales, it’s time to start thinking about how you can integrate video into your marketing strategy before it’s too late.

Video trends in Tallahassee

Video was a big trend in Tallahassee just last year 2021 and according to consumer spending, it’s expected to stay that way. According to Akamai’s State of Online Video report, 57% of consumers believe video is as important or more important than other forms of content on a company website. And for good reason; video helps businesses stand out from competitors because 92% of viewers find online videos helpful when making a purchase decision. That’s why we expect even more businesses will be utilizing video for their marketing purposes over the next few years. Do you have plans to incorporate video into your digital marketing strategy by 2022?

How to use video in my business

As we just mentioned, it's no secret that video has become an essential tool for modern business. Allowing customers to hear, see, and experience your brand and products. Video advertising will continue to rise dramatically as advertisers look for new ways to engage consumers with their brands. By 2022, over 80% of internet traffic will be video content. With numbers like these, it’s easy to understand why video marketing is such a key component of effective digital marketing strategies. Meaning there's only one way to use video in 2022. By actually having them assessable to prospecting clients.

Video marketing mistakes to avoid

Putting together a video is easy, right? You use your phone to shoot a quick video and then upload it to YouTube. While many brands like Dollar Shave Club have succeeded with such an approach, you shouldn’t expect the same results for your brand. The quality of your video matters just as much as its content.

Ways to start using video now

If you’re starting to ponder the great idea of video marketing, it can be intimidating to know where creating a video for your business can bring you. Or how to begin the process of having one produced. A good first step is to think about what type of videos you want to create. Generally speaking, there are three types: product or service demos, tutorials, and testimonials. From there, think about how long each video should be—do you need a quick and easy 30-second video or something that can run up to five-plus minutes?

Examples of small businesses using video marketing

Video is fast becoming a must-have tool for all businesses. Though technology changes fast and businesses like to keep ahead of trends, videos are here to stay as part of business marketing strategies. As everything goes digital video is not just a nice to have anymore; it’s a must-have. Have your marketing reach its full potential with the professional video experts here at Tally Entertainment.


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