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Why The Health Care Industry Is Shifting To Video Marketing

Video Marketing for Healthcare

Video marketing is not a new subject for healthcare, but many have yet to upgrade their strategies for a more affluent patient. With the world going digital and the internet producing more traffic than television, it’s not surprising that video marketing is becoming increasingly important in the future of healthcare.

Benefits to video in health care

Video marketing gives your potential patients a powerful way to connect with your service. Using 3D and HD Internet video enables you to make a stronger connection with your audience and show them in ways that were not possible before now. Imagine showing an at-risk patient what an intervention might look like without actually performing it on them! You can show off new technology, or provide expert commentary on how their lives could be changed with treatment. The possibilities are endless!

Video types you can produce

There are many types of videos you can produce. The most common is a corporate promotional video (1-2 minutes), with sales and training applications following close behind. Consider: what type of brand are you trying to convey? It’s important to choose videos that fit your brand and differentiate yourself from competitors. At a minimum, corporate videos should be high quality (HD), branded to your company, easy to watch/share, and include call-to-action links. If possible, consider incorporating 3D/CGI or other visual special effects as it will keep people engaged longer. You may also want to embed links back to your website or send viewers directly there when they click on your video. Alternatively, shorter teaser-style videos which feature a few-second excerpt from an upcoming product launch may draw viewers into watching more content-related material on your site later.

Patient education with video

In many cases, you’ll want to use video to provide visual aids to accompany your written content. For example, a patient suffering from acid reflux might need to learn how their esophagus works and what causes acid reflux in order to take control of their condition. With a short animation video, you can deliver educational content in a way that is easy for patients to understand and retain – making it easier for them to stay on track with lifestyle changes that could reduce or eliminate symptoms.

Video interviews in healthcare

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how much is a video worth? One way to find out is to turn an interesting photograph into an intriguing 15-second or less video. Video interviews are powerful marketing tools and also make great content pieces in e-newsletters. Interviews can be used in hospitals, wellness centers, doctors’ offices and by recruiters searching for candidates. It gives patients or job candidates an opportunity to see what your business is all about.

Video viewership statistics

Video is fast becoming one of, if not, THE most important way patients can receive information about your organization and its services. In fact, by 2013, 63% of all internet traffic will be made up of video content. This trend in online viewing behavior isn’t slowing down either; by 2014 3D and HD Internet video will make up 46% of internet traffic!

Video and Medical Practice

As we’ve noted in other blogs, social media can change everything from marketing to scheduling. The potential of video and live streaming to transform healthcare is immense. Think about what makes some people more attractive (or less so) as you read these statistics:

  • 70% of people say that doctors’ bedside manner is very important in deciding whether or not they will continue to see them;

  • 75% of U.S. physicians report negative feedback on social networks including Facebook and Twitter;

  • 18% say they have had a bad experience with a doctor after reading something online, and 3 in 4 patients who post online warn their friends or family members about physicians who weren’t helpful.

How video brings return on investment

Customers feel valued when a company is able to take them behind-the-scenes and show them how products are made. Videos can give viewers that personal touch, while still providing quality content. Some studies have found that medical consumers value video demonstrations from healthcare professionals because they allow them to see and experience something without having to actually leave their home or office, which can lower their anxiety about visiting a hospital or health center. Understanding your target audience will help you create videos that work best for your customers' needs. For example, women between ages 20 and 39 are far more likely than men in general to purchase items advertised through videos of people using products in day-to-day life situations; however, men tend to respond better to clips showing science fiction scenarios featuring products in action.

Benefits of video production

Videos help create awareness of new issues and encourage more communication from your patients. This allows you to address issues quickly. These days, we do not want to wait weeks or months for an appointment; we are used to instant messaging and e-mailing about our concerns. If you can provide a way for patients to communicate with your practice by video, it will show that you value their opinions and that they matter to you as individuals. Also, if your local competitors are already providing video services in their offices, then don’t be left behind.


Video marketing is not new to healthcare, yet it’s not something that has been extensively explored. In order to increase your influence and connect with a wider range of potential patients, you should incorporate professional video into your overall strategy. By doing so, you can improve your reach and potentially drive more sales in a shorter amount of time. This is where we come in. Having worked with companies like HCA, Crohn's & Colitis Foundation, Dr. Offices, and other Medical Professional Practices; the experts here at Tally Entertainment are experienced in bringing your message across, to the people who matter.

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