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Why You Should Adopt Video Strategy To Your Brand Content In 2022

Brand content, or branded content, consists of promoting your business not by praising the qualities of its products or services, but by emphasizing its values. Distributing presentation videos, tutorials, or testimonials from satisfied customers greatly improves a company's brand image.

Build and strengthen your brand image

This strategy, therefore, aims to develop a real brand image, strong and recognizable. For a company, it is therefore a question of demonstrating its expertise, its know-how, its human values, the success of its achievements ... Brand content must highlight the human dimension of a company because it seeks to create a connection emotionally with the target. This technique is also part of what is called "inbound marketing ". This marketing method consists of showing yourself as much as possible to your prospects without asking them directly. This means posting relevant content where they are active so that, the day they need your services, they naturally turn to you. This eliminates the need for direct sales or finding the most catchy advertising slogan. This strategy applies over the long term.

A multichannel strategy

Brand content remains a global technique, which is deployed over several channels and comes in several forms. Blog articles demonstrating your mastery, photographs of a product or event, or even videos posted on a site and relayed on the company's social networks. These branded content must adapt to all your communication channels but also to your activity. For example, an online training organization will have every interest in producing presentation videos of its courses that it will widely disseminate on social networks. This gesture demonstrates both the mastery of the subject, online video, but also helps to make itself known to a large audience.

Brand content and video: an essential asset

A good branded content strategy involves promoting your brand image in the way that best suits your target. According to a study conducted by Cisco, 82% of internet traffic in 2021 concerns video. Integrating this format into your branded content is therefore essential.

Build and strengthen your brand image

Since the majority of Internet users view videos, it becomes necessary to include this type of format in the communication plan of any business.

A film presenting your company, its services or products but above all the people who make it up helps to humanize it and thus, to give confidence. Video tutorials explaining how a product works, giving advice on how to carry out a particular task with a tool, etc. Meet the expectations of the target group, but also help to build and strengthen your image as an expert. Not only do you demonstrate your expertise, but you also appear to listen to your customers. Video is therefore an essential format in a good brand content strategy.

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