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High Definition At An Affordable Rate -10 Reasons To Go With Tally Entertainment

2022 is almost here! With a fresh new year, we can all only hope to see things normalize in the upcoming year. For the time being, we're still experiencing the effects of the ongoing pandemic. Meaning we still are seeing screen time on phones & computers at an all-time high.

Throughout the pandemic, we've seen businesses use different tactics and strategies to come out on top and reach the maximum audience with this spike in viewers. However many alternatives, video marketing has continued to prove to be the most effective. Without a video, your marketing strategy is not going to be as effective. It will not be able to gather as much audience and attention as a professional video will. This is backed by an overwhelming amount of data/statistics.

Moreover, a video is a skillful way to introduce call-to-action to the potential customer. With this rising trend of screen time consumption, it would be a huge mistake not to take advantage now.

Here at Tally Entertainment, we consider our videos our brand, not just ways of profit. We care for the quality of our videos as they are a direct reflection of us and our clients. Here are 10 more reasons to hire Tally Entertainment for your one of a kind video production

High Definition At An Affordable Rate

It is a common practice among many video production studios to gather clients by offering them low rates. But the one thing they never promise is the quality of their content. Similar to their prices, the quality is pretty low as well. The reason for this relation between quality and price is really straightforward. A QUALITY professional video maker would never sell their services for a low price. That is the only reason why such production houses sell you their services for a lower price is that they let the underpaid interns and freshers handle your tasks.

That is simply not the case with Tally Entertainment. We take a middle route to help you out with the pricing. We don’t keep our prices high enough to dent your budget, nor are they too low that you question our quality. Don’t get us wrong when we say not too little. We use flexible prices that are in line with your budget and totally affordable.

Experienced In Multiple Industries

Apart from producing high-quality content for affordable prices, we have a team of professionals that are experienced in multiple industries. Our team members have worked with a variety of clientele. From celebrities, high-profile businesses, to startups. Hence, you don’t have to worry about what kind of industry you are related to. We are professionals with enough experience to keep you satisfied.

Varied Video Production Services

Another thing that we have expertise in is the fact that we can make various kinds of videos to boost your brand. We are experienced in producing product demos, cooperate videos, commercial videos, music videos, explainer videos, and so on. We are also very well aware of the little tactics that make all the difference in video marketing. As our owner being a past marketing agencies CEO.

Apart from the various kinds of videos, we also offer versatility in other matters. You have the option to choose the type of graphics and animation, the nature of the video, or the tone of the narration...if you want. Or you can leave it up to our creative team to sort your unique production looks out. We make animations and live-action videos equally well, so you don’t have to worry about your needs not being met.

Expert Advice And Consultancy

Unlike other companies, we do not only excel at video making, but we also provide specialist business advice and consultancy to our clients. It can be pretty daunting to figure out your target audience and the type of strategies to use to attain them. That’s why we provide our clients with the best possible strategy available to them.


We prioritize our clients’ demands and respect their project’s secrecy. Hence, you never have to worry about your idea or way of execution going public, unless of course, you give us permission. No need to worry about your content being posted anywhere without your authorization.

Access Us Using Any Communication Channel

As you might already know that communication is the key to success, we are always available to our clients whenever they need us. Yes, that's 24/7. You can either use email, Direct messaging, Phone call, Facebook Messenger, and we’ll be here for you.

In-House Team

Who wants their work assigned further to other freelancers? Well, that is precisely what many video production companies do. But you don’t want that, right? That’s why we have our own specialized in-house team that works on tasks they excel at. Consider you want a live-action video for your business. We will assign it to our in-house team of professionals that specialize in live-action video making. Don't be surprised if the owner stops by to ensure your production is running as smoothly as possible.

Always On Time

Have you ever ordered food and received it just on time, or even before it? You know how good it feels when the other party listens to your requirements. Here at Tally Entertainment, that is precisely what we do. No, no, we do not deliver food, but we make sure that we meet your deadline for the project you ask us to work on. Whether it is six weeks or two, we always have you covered.

Original Content

We create original content from scratch. No templates, no watermarks, no cheating. All our work is absolutely copyright-free. However, we do use often us music from third parties, but don’t worry, these are all bought, and we have the license to use them.

Also, we never run out of ideas. You’ll never find us repeating any of our older concepts nor taking someone else’s idea. All our pitches are unique and are designed to facilitate different customers and their distinct demands. It’s our job to think out-of-the-box for you. All you need to do is sit back and relax till we get the job done.



We can tell you all day why Tally Entertainment is your #1 choice. But thanks to past clients who took the time to leave a review, you can see for yourself.


Currently, videos are the dominant player in content marketing. When done right a unique creative professional video production demolishes all competition. With the highest numbers of eyes on social media platforms, and the worldwide web now, there seriously hasn't been a better time for your business to take advantage. Give yourself an edge over your competition, give us a call, and we’ll make sure that all your requirements are met, and you are more than just simply satisfied. That's the Tally Entertainment way.

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