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Hiiting Goals With F45 Tallahassee Midtown

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

It's been about a year since F45 Training has made its presence local. F45's Midtown facility is located at 1309 Thomasville Rd Suit 1A, Tallahassee. Owners Justin Downing from Norwalk CT and Doug Felton from Jacksonville FL, could not be more excited to be sharing their love for fitness with this community.

F45 gyms are franchises, and though connected as a community, they are not part of a chain and not the same as big-box gyms. Most are family-owned, member-focused, and community-oriented. F45 Midtown is a prime example of this.

The F45 Midtown trainers are all certified personal trainers that not only motivate members, ensure proper form, challenge members to achieve their goals but, provide a fun energy-filled environment.

With such passionate ownership, impactful trainers, and family feel, F45 Midtown was high on Tally Entertainment's list of local businesses we'd hope to work with. Luckily for us, that opportunity presented itself in April of 2020.

Come April, a date was locked in. Members generous enough to invest their time were camera ready, the windows were darkened, and our team was ready to shoot. Given the fun fast-paced nature of F45, we shot to piece together a 45-second video highlighting workouts, environment, members, and coaches. Doing so while still looking to put that signature Tally Entertainment spin on the production. Separating the final product from previous featured F45 videos on F45 social media pages.

See F45 Midtown's Instagram for full video:@f45_tallahassee_midtown

Our collaboration efforts paid off!

With all of us having the pleasure of being able to work with this fast-growing fitness team (see their location in: 5742 Hamlin Groves Tr, Winter Garden, FL 34787). As well as F45 Midtown acquiring a creative high-end promo video they are able to utilize across a variety of platforms. The collaboration of both of our teams certainly paid off. Big Gains!!!

The video is featured on all their social media pages (be sure to follow them @f45_tallahassee_midtown & @f45_training_horizon_west), with a high of 90% viewership increase. We're thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Justin, Dough, John, their team, and all the stars of the F45 family who came out to be featured. We're certainly looking forward to seeing them all continue to HIIT the ground running.

Don't be left out!

F45 is built for all skill sets & ages. If you're in the Tallahassee or Orlando FL areas and have the drive, motivation, or love for socializing with growth-minded individuals give F45 a try.

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