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How Much Does Professional Video Cost?

How Much Does Video Production Cost?

One of the most impressive ways to market your business or brand online is through video. There are dozens of statistics on the internet showing how much more effective video marketing is than static text and imagery, and it’s easy to see why once you’ve viewed some professionally-produced videos yourself.

However, not all videos are created equal, so it’s important to understand what goes into them before you decide on the right kind of production team to work with.

What Do You Get for $1,000

If you are trying to determine how much a professional video is going to cost, first you have to figure out what type of video you want. Are you looking for just a basic commercial using lots of stock footage? Or do you want something more detailed and customed to your target audience? That will be your starting point for figuring out what $1,000 can get your business. Some businesses don’t need an elaborate video; they just need one that gets their message across and looks clean and professional. Other businesses need more than that — they want a complete marketing package with multiple videos, plus supporting graphics for website and social media promotions. So they may opt to seek out production packages to save some money, as opposed to individual video prices.

How Much Should I Budget?

For businesses, professional video can be an effective way to get your product or service in front of your target audience. But with all sorts of services out there and costs varying widely, how do you decide what’s worth spending on? The truth is that you have to balance a number of factors when choosing a video production company. Largely consider all the following questions prior to setting aside a budget.

  • How many people are in your company and do they all play key roles?

  • What locations are in those videos?

  • Do those locations require special permits or permissions?

  • Are you looking for ariel shots?

  • Do you have a timeline for when the video needs to be live?

  • Is there an underlying narrative that you have, or do you want to leave that up to the production company?

  • Are you willing to risk spending little for inexperience?

  • Has your freelancer or production company been trusted by large companies or do they only have small business experience?

  • Are their reviews mostly positive?

  • Do they have legitimate contracts and legal documents?

  • Are they a legitimate S-corp, LLC, Corporation, etc?

  • Are they insured?

  • What type of equipment do they have?

Does It Take Long to Shoot and Edit?

Because it’s a lot of work. Production takes time and requires a lot of people power, but you get what you pay for in terms of quality. If you have a deadline and let's say need that footage in 24hours well you need to budget for that because that will certainly increase the rate you're going to be charged. Post-production is truly where the magic happens when rushed it's noticed by you, and more importantly the consumer. Don't breathe down the neck or necks of who you hire. Protect yourself and be sure there is specific text in the contract stating when the first draft needs to be in, and when the final production is due.

Why Are Some Videos Shot in 4K – Is That Better?

4K is often described as a better video quality, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that your videos will be of better quality. The truth is that 4K has four times as many pixels as 1080p, but it won’t automatically make your videos clearer or sharper. If you have an image with lots of detail, 4K can be a big advantage – like in nature documentaries – but otherwise, it just adds to production costs and complexity. Don't be swindled by the "4k" if it's not absolutely necessary. Which it usually is not, unless you're in an industry like food or science.

Think quality of close-up shoots you need or dont.

Why is a Low-Budget Video Still Important?

Creating a professional-looking video can be an intimidating project, and it’s easy to think If I can’t get something absolute high-end, then why bother? But remember that, despite what many people believe, a lower-budget video will still have an impact. You should never feel as though you need to spend millions on a video; even something small can make a difference for your brand. Your budget should always depend on your goals and how much resources you want to devote towards them. If you want to help sell products but aren’t sure if it will work effectively, start with something smaller. This way, if you decide against using videos in your marketing strategy later on, it won’t cost you as much money or effort.

Low Budget Exapmple

Mid-Size Budget

High Budget Example

Tips on Selecting Your Vendor and Contract

There are so many elements to consider when producing professional video for your business. It’s easy to get bogged down by all of it—and that’s where we come in. Here are some quick tips on how to select your video production vendor and produce an effective contract. Choose a Willingness-to-Work Scale: When negotiating your deal, take note of each company's willingness to work with you on certain aspects of their proposal, like budget or turnaround time. Is there something they won't budge on? If so, can you live with that? Even if not, asking them might net you a better price or bonus features somewhere else (like fewer edits). In other words, don't automatically discount what they're offering without considering whether there's a way around it. For example, maybe they won't go past two rounds of edits but they'll throw in one extra clip for free if you agree to those conditions.

Would you trust the cheapest insurance/marketing/website for your business? We hope not. Then why trust the cheap videographers?

The answer seems simple enough, don't. Yet as a business owner factoring in costs and budgets are essential. But so is ROI. Here at Tally Entertainment we're so confident in our ability to produce top-quality productions we guarantee ROI to our clients. We work with a variety of budgets and look to produce top quality per the allocated budget. This doesn't mean you'll be getting the top-tier video for a 1,200 dollar budget, but it means your video will be top quality for that budget and see online results with prospects. If you're considering utilizing the power of video for your marketing contact one of our experts today at:


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