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Painting Charlie Park in Garnet & Glam

Fun events in Tallahassee

The warm Florida sun beaming down, paired with a fresh breeze flowing across Charlie Park's modern-styled patio. Accompanied by the always delectable and refreshing drinks mixed by some of Tallahassee's best mixologists. This was the scene when we accompanied Garnet and Glam and Inspired Events by K. Michelle at their "Paint In Style" event the other week.

This event had all you could ask for on a calm Monday afternoon. Fabulous food, cocktails that themselves are art; take-home wine glasses to paint, a diverse range of shirts and tops to try on and shop, along with the fun and outgoing models of Garnet & Glam.

Garnet & Glam

Garnet & Glam is a new business in Tallahassee. With a chic style-minded business model where the inventory is all hand-picked and custom clothing. Stepping away from a successful finance career to pursue Garnet and Glam, Matt Peters and his team have successfully captured the modern chic style of today's youth.

Inspired Events by K. Michelle

Inspired Events by K. Michelle takes the show to you. Bringing both contagious positive energy, as well as a fun creative avenue for your expression. Kara and her team take glassware, gift baskets, and more to you for a custom day or night of design. Offering both in-home or mobile design-based events, this affordable and fun event source is one worth looking into.

Charlie Park

There's not much we need to tell you about Charlie Park, as it's more than likely you've already heard of them. Stand out cocktails, top-notch staff, delectable bites, and an atmosphere straight out of South Florida or New York. It's the place to be for celebrations, fun, or just to relax. They offer great rates on event rental space and are a must when you have friends or family in town. If you haven't gone give them a ring now and book yourself a table for this weekend!

(Don't just take our word for it take a look)

Tallahassee Fun

We had a blast capturing some of these moments to share and partaking in the festivities of sampling a Charlie Park cocktail, or two. There are many gems here in Tallahassee. As well as many fun things to do on what could be interpreted as a slower day. Paint in Style with Garnet and Glam and Inspired Events by K. Michelle is one of those fun things to do, that we highly recommend checking out.


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