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Video Gets Real Sales Results

A recent marketing campaign was so successful that the company behind it plans to repeat it on an annual basis! This campaign relied heavily on the power of video marketing to attract new customers and help existing ones find what they’re looking for on the company’s website. Watch this video explainer to see how video marketing can help companies bring in more sales than ever before, and learn how you can use video to get results like these in your own business!

Why video is important

When it comes to marketing, marketers, and advertisers have long been concerned with what is called social validation. If people’s friends or family tell them that a product or service is good, they are more likely to buy. Now think about that dynamic when applied to video. When people see a video of a friend raving about your product, service, or company, they are more likely to buy! That’s social validation on steroids!

Sales and video

Anyone who’s ever read anything by Seth Godin has heard his now-famous quote about how when you go to market, no one knows you and no one cares. But if you make a video or two that shows who you are, what you care about, and why your product or service is important—that changes everything. You might think that all of your potential customers will have an aversion to cheesy, sales-y videos. Well, guess what? It turns out that most people actually respond well to marketing with heart. As long as they feel like it’s honest and they trust that it’s not just a set of empty promises made on behalf of a business, consumers want to know what drives a company before they buy from them.

People love video

People say they love video, but do they? Do they trust it? How do you know whether a potential customer will respond to video or not? Sales videos typically have different goals than promotional or educational videos. Their main goal is usually to convince viewers to buy something. If you’re making a sales video for an existing product, that means changing minds about your offering and overcoming objections. If you’re creating sales videos for new products, it means informing people about those offerings and helping them feel comfortable enough with your brand that they open their wallets—and stay open-minded enough to consider making a purchase.

Video increases sales

Studies show that customers are far more likely to buy a product when it is accompanied by video. A 2020 online survey of 5,029 shoppers in North America found that 80% of consumers said a product video would affect their purchase decision. And 87% of those surveyed said they were likely to share videos with their friends and family on social media or via email. In some cases, up to three times as many visitors will view a website if they see a video there!

Moral of the story

Videos increase sales funnels by reaching a larger audience, one you can even target. The day of cold calling is still very much alive, yet it's much easier when the calls are coming into you as opposed to being made by YOU at random. Make a change and increase your numbers with a free 45-minute consultation by one of our experts today!


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